Wildflowers of Boulder County

This is a trail specific guide to the wildflowers of Boulder County, covering all five botanic zones.

This site is under-construction. I am not a wildflower expert, just someone who has more enthusiasm than good sense. After searching the web and only finding two other wildflower sites I decided that it would be a great resource for BCN (leader in all kinds of resources). Please help me with the accuracy of this site -- any feedback is welcome and solicited, but be kind - this is my first database effort. Please check back often to see new additions. Eventually this site will have a searchable database of the wildflowers. This site was built, and is maintained by Boulder watermedia artist Jan Kirkpatrick, and her son Ryan Kirkpatrick. Jan has taken all of the pictures and done the research on the different wildflowers. Ryan has handled the technical end, writing and laying out web pages, and will be working on the search database. He has also the creator the Boulder Country Trails Database where you can find out more about the trails mentioned on this web site.

Update 2002/08/07: This site is not dead, it has just been dormat for a few years. Updates include a move to a new server and current contact information. Features coming soon (where soon is defined as less than a year :) include more pictures and the ablity to search this site.

Ryan Kirkpatrick

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